Kristyna Kolocova - Marketa Slukova - Simon Nausch

Kristyna Kolocova

Date and place of birth: April 1, 1988, Nymburk
Zodiac: Aries 
Nickname: Kiki
Home: Prague
Height and Weight: 170 cm, 62 kg

Although I was born in Nymburk and spent my first years in a small village called Radim I consider myself a Praguer. No matter where I go I am always surrounded and supported by my BIG family. Those of you who have already met them know what I am talking about. They are great!!!

The main reason why I started with volleyball was (at least according to my PE teacher:) that I was good in dodgeball. That was in the 5th grade of grammar school and I kept on playing indoor volleyball for four more years of my highschool studies at Přípotoční highschool.

When I was 17 I started to feel the fascination for beachvolleyball and it has not left me since. It has been almost eight years already that we are playing together with Maki.